LettuceLiv’s Travel Journal Day One: Salem

Packing for vacation is not my strong suit. It’s not that I am disorganized. On the contrary I organize the shit out of my clothes, but I definitely over pack. I am so envious of people who can create capsule collections with 8 articles of…

Sea Buckthorn superfood pudding

Easy Blueberry Superfood Pudding Recipe

My last pudding recipe was a chocolate chia pudding. Just like the chocolate pudding this recipe calls for very little ingredients. However it houses a big punch when it comes to nutrients. My super food pudding was made with antioxidant rich blueberries. Mineral and protein…

Banana Gluten free
dairy free gluten free egg free vegan omelette
Chia seed chocolate pudding

Yummy Maple Raspberry Chocolate Pudding

Hi everybody, So this was originally (still is) my first post on But because I was so new and ‘shy’ to the whole blog world I probably only had 60 words written and I posted it….Now-today I’m revising the post but luckily the recipe…