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This is my third vegan travel essentials guide I’ve ever made. My first one focused on easing your airplane experience with items that helped relax you on a flight. Click here to read! My second guide was created as a travel guide specifically for the summer! Click here to read! This travel essentials guide I am sharing with you is my complete travel guide for any kind of adventure! I felt it was crucial to share the products and brands and accessories that I use when I go travelling wether its a quick weekend get away, road trip, or a stay at a fabulous tropical resort. I hope this guide helps you pack with ease and excitement to begin your travel adventure!

This is a photo of rob and I in bermuda

This trip I really did not enjoy packing. Actually before I started to pack I saw the Marlyn Denis show and she had a secgment about packing for travel… this segment mortified me because it explains how to create a capsule collection with around 9 pieces of clothing. It created over 1 week of looks you can bring on vacation… all I learnt from this was I have a sever fear of underpacking.

I notoriously pack excess amount of clothing with the thought of what if it rains for the whole trip or what if it’s so hot we can only survive in our bathing suits… yes I am not sure why this ends up always being my issue but it is. So if I had to pack only 9 items for my trip I think I would lose my mind!!! I did however decide to choose only one pair of heels. Normally I will bring about pairs of heels on a vacation that would last 10 days… not including running shoes, sandals random walking shoes ect…

The Essential Shoe

I found this holy grail of shoes on a great little Canadian website that ships all over North American. Soulier Studio is actually based in Ottawa. This store and website focuses on high quality designer vegan shoes for woman!!! I often parouse the site because the styles and brands they offer are absolutely awesome from Susi to Mink this site is a one stop shop for your vegan shoes!


The heel that I knew would be my saving grace for my packing dilemma is one that I’ve seen so many vegan celebrities wear on the red carpet, from Miley Cyrus to Emma Watson! The heels I am speaking of is from the vegan shoe brand none other then Susi in the style HEY SIMONE in black. This shoe is so freaked awesome. I literally wore it every night while I spent in Bermuda. Every single outfit I had for my vacation fit this shoe like they were made for each other. I am so glad I was able to over come by packing fear and only packed these shoes. That’s why this shoe is an essential for traveling.

Susi soulier

The Essential Bag

Every time I travel I feel like I bring a huge bucket bag to to store everything and anything and the kitchen sink. Every year I just come back with a soar shoulder and a tone of garbage that I hoarded while travelling. So this time since I was trying to change my travelling habits. I opted for a bag that was only big enough to hold my phone and my sunglasses. Of all the brands that boast vegan hand bags I only trust Pixie Mood. Which is another Canadian brand that created high quality vegan hand bags and vegan leather accessories.

This bag has a really cool feature, you can add or remove the wallet. You can switch things up really easily based off of what your plans are on vacation. I also love the colour like the shoes I wanted something neutral and fun. The colour I took was a cream white with a fun silver print on the cork panel. This works beautifully with the heels and even when I was wandering the streets on Boston in my sweats and running shoes.

Pixie mood

The Essential Shades

I know sunglasses are an essential part of your travels you have them on your face for most of the vacation. This is super important and you need something that goes with everything and looks awesome for your face. And obviously protects your eyes from the harsh UV rays. Well because I am a notorious over packer I brought with me 4 pairs of shades… my logic was that each pair would work well with different outfits.. actually it worked out not because of my many outfit changes but because Rob forgot to bring any for himself and the brand I brought is 100% unisex . My husband actually took two of the glasses for himself through out the whole vacation. I noticed though I literally wore only pair the whole trip and These my friends are in my opinion the holly grail of sunglasses.

Rainbow optx

So much hype for one pair of glasses your thinking… well they deserve all the hype in the world because this brand of shades I found online is called RainbowOPTX. There purpose is to use colour to evoke specific chakras, they are colour therapy glasses. I choose 4 different shades, rose, indigo, magenta and aqua. I actually ended up always wearing the indigo coloured shades this colour evoked the third eye chakra. This chakra is about awakening our intuition, and it’s safe to say I felt very much in tune with myself and able to connect with the surrounding beauty,.. and I did not get lost.

Rainbow optx

My husband and I are very much proan to losing our way and getting lost when following a map. But for this vacation he wore the aqua wayfarers. Aqua is a mix of blue and green it’s for the throat chakra and the heart chakra. Aqua helps with heart ventured communication. Rob and I were very calm and were able to discuss everything on our travels. I wore the indigo round shades together we were able to direct ourselves with heart and compassion and we could communicate effectively without any gaps.

These glasses are great tools for our travels I would be interested in wearing specific coloured ones when I was feeling super stressed or nervous to see how everything would change.

The Essential Protection

Ok this title sounds a bit weird but it’s exactly that. I can go on and on about protecting your skin. Skin cancer has effected many members in my family and those of my friends as well. And I know everyone on vacation want to get a beautiful golden tan. Climate change and the reduction of the ozone layer has made sun rays ridiculously harsh for our skin. I actually brought with me a few kinds of sunblock. And let me start with my face is never ever going to be naturally sun kissed. I have makeup to mimic that effect. Maybe I can show you all sometime how I fool people into thinking I sat in the boiling sun all day.

For my face I used tarts every day when I woke up my morning routine would involve washing my face, under eye cream face cream and then my tarts sunblock. This formula is amaze balls. Sunblock leaves an oily film or texture that can be seen through the course of the day. This magic little bottle offered easy distribution on my face all while quietly protecting my skin from the sun.


Once we decided to explore outside I used the new sunblock from Pacifica. For my face and other delicate areas, chest ears and that little section between your arm pit and your boobs (is there a name for that?)I’d use the cream sunblock first let that dry for a bit and then I’d have my lovely husband use Pacifica’s new spray sunblock the spf 50 and cover me up with that. Then I was ready to go out. Maybe to you this is excessive but to me tanning is something that I never felt did any justice to me. The long term effects of basking in the sun are things that do not attract me. Wrinkles, freckles, sun spots other discolouration of the skin, cancer, and advanced aging are by no means anything that would want allure me into basking in the sun.


Essential Hydration

It’s super important to drink plenty of water while on vacation. But I know I don’t always want to drink water! I mean I love sampling tropical drinks and even indulging in some exotic alcohols. So when I came across this Canadian tea brand and the super tea diffuser and tumbler. It was a no brainer to bring along as an essential item. This tumbler is really genius, you add the tea at the bottom and you can diffuse your tea when you want and can even stop it from over steeping. I also was able to easily bring the bottle along the ride for some awesome excursions!

Citizen tea

My favourite tea from this place is fit tea. I really enjoyed it while on vacation because. Instead of having coffee every morning I took this great tea an sit helped with digestion, bloating and helped energize me without any kind of caffeine energy lull.

I hope this little travel essentials guide has helped you choose your own awesome vacation packing essentials! I’d love to hear of your favourite items to pack so comment below! Don’t forget to find me on Instagram! Click here!!

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