Chocolate Chip

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I wanted to share with you my super yummy and easy to make chocolate chip cookie recipe! This recipe was actually first made to make two giant chocolate chip cookies. My husband and I had gone out for dinner and one of the dessert options…

Gluten free

Easy Gluten Free Protein Donuts

My last donut creation turned into a fiasco! Since then I have avoided making donuts. But I’ve been searching to make a recipe that would satisfy my sweet tooth all while being healthy! The idea of the protein gluten free, refined sugar free donut came…

Sea Buckthorn superfood pudding

Easy Blueberry Superfood Pudding Recipe

My last pudding recipe was a chocolate chia pudding. Just like the chocolate pudding this recipe calls for very little ingredients. However it houses a big punch when it comes to nutrients. My super food pudding was made with antioxidant rich blueberries. Mineral and protein…

Blue Majik
Vegan Gluten Free cookies

Delicious Vegan & Gluten Free Molasses Cookies

A while back I made ginger molasses cookies.I got it from my first ever vegan cook book. The book was titled vegan cookies invade your cookie jar! I didn’t however follow the recipe. What I did was changed it to make gluten free. I used a…

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