Galentines day

My Last Minute Vegan Valentine’s Gift Giving Guide

Valentine’s is a day away and if your like me, you procrastinate in buying your significant other a gift. Luckily amazon has my back. I don’t remember a world where amazon prime didn’t exist! That being said this vegan valentine guide will wow your love…

Chocolate Chip

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I wanted to share with you my super yummy and easy to make chocolate chip cookie recipe! This recipe was actually first made to make two giant chocolate chip cookies. My husband and I had gone out for dinner and one of the dessert options…

Lettuceliv vegan allergen free

Free2b Snack Breaks Allergen Free Chocolate

Although this post is sponsored by Free2b and these products were given to me to sample I want to advise you that these thoughts and opinions are all my own. If the title wasn’t enough to persuade you to try this awesome new chocolate snack…

Blue Majik
double chocolate cake

Sugarless Vegan Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cake

This year for lent I decided to give up coffee. So, luckily my addiction to caffeine didn’t cause too much of a problem for me-quitting cold turkey I did not have any headache withdrawals. I will say I definitely feel tired in the morning! The…

Banana Gluten free