Yummy Maple Raspberry Chocolate Pudding

Chia seed chocolate pudding

Chia seed chocolate pudding

Hi everybody,

So this was originally (still is) my first post on lettuceliv.com. But because I was so new and ‘shy’ to the whole blog world I probably only had 60 words written and I posted it….Now-today I’m revising the post but luckily the recipe is sooo darn tasty I do not need to actually change the recipe. This delicious chocolate chia pudding is crazy easy super nutritious and it tastes amazing. I just love it when recipes are timeless no matter how long you have them they always prevail, well although this recip isn’t something that was passed on from my grandmother I know it will become a treasure my family will want to make again and again. have I mentioned its super yummy and deliciously satisfying?

The main ingredient- the star of this delicousness is CHIA .If you’ve been following me on Instagram you would have learnt that I am a bit obsessed with chia 🙂 and I have a multitude or chia related recipes, my Overnight Chia Seed breakfast bowl and a whole bunch of others through out my site and on instagram: here, here, here and here.

Gluten free chocolate pudding!

Before mixing the ingredients, find yourself some cute little containers to put you chia pudding. -I used ramekins and for the chia seed if you cannot find ground chia it ok because you can get the whole ones and blend them in a high powered blender.

This recipe makes out 2 servings but you can adjust it to make more

It is super versatile and can be sweetened with different natural sweeteners such as stevia, coconut nectar or maple (I’m Canadian so I choose to make this with MAPLE)

chocolate chia pudding


  • 2 tablespoons ground chia
  • 3/4 cup Cacao
  • Maple syrup or sugar to taste
  • 1 cup coconut milk (or flax or hemp or almond milk)


  1. In a bowl mix ground chia and cacao with a spoon
  2. Then whisk in coconut milk and maple syrup.
  3. Blend until there are no lumps.
  4. Pour into ramekins and chill in refrigerator for at least an hour.
  5. To serve garnish with any toppings you like, I choose to use raspberries and granulated maple sugar.

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Chia Chocolate Pudding

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