Leafie TACOS!

If you’ve been on my site before you’ll know I’m a little bit obsessed with Kimberly Snyder, she is a nutritionist and author, she is known for her glowing green smoothies and her celebrity clientele.  This recipe is super delicious it’s my take on a recipe by Kimberly Snyder -her gorilla wraps are made with collards. I also added my own twist to the toppings inside easy to make delicious to eat! Tastes even better the day after! I swear


Lancinato Kale one head seperated washed

2 Cups of Walnutschopped or pureed

2 tablespoons of Tamari

chilli pepper to taste

1 teaspoon of cumin

For the salsa

dice 2 medium size tomatoes into cubes

dice 1/2 mango into small cubes

squeeze half a lime

add cayenne,

celery salt

tumeric (all to taste)

set aside

Shred 2 carrots.


combines walnuts and all ingredients except for kale and carrots. Make sure to wash the lancinato kale well and dry before wrapping. Cut 1/3 of the stem place the dark leafy part against the cutting board (inside facing up) place the walnut meat in the center (not letting it spill over the sides) then top with some carrots and salsa and wrap like you would a burrito cut in two and enjoy!


Once you are finished your deliscious creating take a picture and share it with me tag me on instagram I would love to see it 🙂




One thought on “Leafie TACOS!

  1. Beautiful use of kale! Told ya I would dig this recipe up 😉 It’s Dylan from @phruitfuldish on Instagram! I love how you incorporated turmeric and cumin, such healing spices. Ill have to swap out my regular collards for kale and see how I like the difference.

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