Oh So Convincing Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe

Creamy spreadable cashew cheese

This recipe is  soooo amazingly delicious i convinced my husband that he was in was  eating dairy!

the texture of this vegan cheese is very creamy and infused with herbs to enhance its oh so yumminess! if you are looking for a harder vegan cheese. I have a baked version as well you can check that out here!

Creamy spreadable cashew cheese

This delicious soft ‘cheese’ is the texture of a  spread like  whipped cream cheese only it is made up of cashews.

For the serving sizes. I make enough of this to be used for 2 people.


Here’s what you will need:

1.5 cups of Raw cashews

Half a lemon – squeezed

Salt, black pepper, thyme and oregano all to taste

2 tablespoons of coconut butter

1 oz of filtered water

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Prior to making the ‘cheese’ soak cashews for a minimum of 8 hours (the longer they soak the better and creamier it will taste and then you can omit the 1 oz of water in this recipe (you can even leave in to soak to  sprout the cashews, which will add some micro greens into the mix making it even more nutrient dense.

Once the cashews are soaked clean the cashews by changing the water.

Add in coconut butter, cashews into you high powered blender or food processor, pulse until its small chunks and then add in lemon juice, and water blend for a couple of minutes and then add in all the seasonings to taste and finally mix until reaches a whipped creamed batter.

To make this dish presentable to your guests pour into a extra large cupcake paper mold and let it harden in the fridge for an hour, serve with veggies or crackers. This recipe is great for when your invited to a wine and cheese and you want to impress all your omnivor friends!

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4 thoughts on “Oh So Convincing Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe

  1. I absolutely love cream cheese! It was of those ‘hard’ foods to give up for me. Luckily for me delicious recipes like this are out there! Bring on the bagels, I am making this cream cheese.

  2. Looks so delicious! I will certanly make it! Cashews are pretty pricey where I live so I have a jar that “waits for a special occasion”, but it turned out that it just – waits. So the time has come 🙂 Thank you, Olivia!

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