My Journey to Self Discovery & Carefree Living

Carefree vibes


When it Began

May 25 marked the anniversary of when this all began for me. I decided to create an Instagram account while running on the treadmill at my gym. In February 2013 I had started woking out at the gym and I wanted a way to make myself accountable for my choices. I was already posting my food on my personal Instagram account. I was embarrassed because I kept hearing comments from people whom I thought were my friends… So, I created my own alternate universe. A place where I could be the person I actually was. This account is the sole reason I stumbled my way into a plant based lifestyle. Today, I am eternally grateful for those people who were judging and making annoying comments! If it wasn’t for this choice I made back in 2013, I may not have found my way to a whole plant-based, vegan cruelty-free lifestyle.

First Post

My very first post was heavily influenced by Fullyraw Kristina. When I was dipping my toes in veganism and was completely mesmerized by her lifestyle and her positive attitude. I would make HUGE raw’ish’ meals for myself, my husband (fiancé at the time) and his parents. Man were they ever patient with me!

The more I learnt throughout this journey, the more I wanted to share with everybody: my friends and family, but it seemed the more I would learn, the more the people I thought were closest to me started to distant themselves and I would have to choose to either eat consciously and be kind to the world and our environment or assimilate just to be “normal” to everyone around me. This made me hide from the people in my life.

The Community

But the beauty in all this was the world wide web would have accepted me and everything I was learning and sharing! They were responding with gratitude and enthusiasm. These last 4 years I lost a lot of friends. It seems living a life with true purpose and compassion is very troublesome to certain people. I used to not be ok with it! It would really affect me because I’ve always wanted to please everyone and make sure we were always ok and coexisting peacefully. But this past year I’ve come to realize living my true self means to be truly yourself and to please only ONE person- YOU.

For two years I actually didn’t tell any of my friends about lettuceliv. Every so often I’d hear comments like: look it was just a phase she stopped posting vegan food on her wall, she’s “back to normal” (cringe). So, when I finally showed my friends that I had a whole other world of people listening to me and sharing my stuff, they were sort of baffled but again I was still holding back and keeping myself and my life separated.

My Self Realization

Finally, my self realization came when I knew I was the only person holding myself back. (I know so obvious right!) From exactly what I wanted because again, I was scared of what everyone else was thinking and I never needed anyone else’s approval or validation… I then decided to un-private my personal Instagram account and share everything I was doing on lettuceliv with my personal account.  I knew I was still hiding it from family and friends. So to me, by exposing myself completely, I was no longer hiding behind anything. I am who I am and if you don’t like seeing kick ass vegan food and awesome cruelty free brands because that makes you uncomfortable or if your jealous of my happiness you can find a way out of my tribe! (Ok… that was harsh sorry but not that sorry!)

To conclude don’t do as I did. I virtually ran away and hid from my family and friends because I was scared of judgement and criticism. Do not trade your true self or your authenticity just to fit in and get approval from others. I say Fuck it! If they don’t like it they can leave! I am going to continue and embrace the amazing community of compassionate bloggers and influencers. Because this tribe that keeps growing is the movement that’s needed to mend the world.

-Side note

My whole life I was told I was a free spirit and a hippie! But at least I know my direction! I hope you know your path and are true to yourself no matter who is trying to beat you down. Embrace your successes and be proud of what you are achieving.

This post is obviously out of my comfort zone. It was sitting in my drafts for over two months. I even passed my Instagram anniversary… but with so much to look back on I was really able to see things clearly. With time we gain perspective. This time to me feels as though I have not reached an end but a new chapter, actually maybe a new volume?

Volume II

Volume II of LettuceLiv is something I am excited to embark on. There are new collaborations, new ventures and the prospect of this little ol’blog becoming a full time thing! So subscribe and share my post with who you feel can relate to this!! I would love to hear your comments on a situation where you were forced to hold back your true self.


Carefree vibes

18 thoughts on “My Journey to Self Discovery & Carefree Living

  1. Great post! I think this is what every person that goes vegan goes through! It’s really upsetting how people can be immediately dismissive about giving up meat. But I guess that’s why we have this wonderful community of supporters we can turn to. For all the negative comments, there are thousands of positive ones :).

  2. This was a great post! I have struggled a lot over the years with trying to put myself first and having to make sure I please everyone. It has gotten me no further than I am at this point, just frustrated. However, no regrets because lessons learned are always welcomed! My favorite saying now is that “I can’t please everyone, I’m not Nutella” (since everyone is obsessed with it) Personally, I’m a PB person. I’m glad you share your food ideas and thoughts with everyone. While I may not be a vegan, I have dietary restrictions and I do love to eat. People over analyze and hate way too much (apparently, I post too many cat pics). You are sharing a passion that you have and you certainly were under no obligation to do so. Better late than never! Thank you!!

  3. This was such a great post. It is important to find a community where you can be your true self and find your way and I’m so happy for you that you did! No matter what anyone ever says, you have to follow your heart and do what feels right for you!

  4. This is so beautiful! I feel like it can be so difficult to step outside these boxes society gives us, but once we do and we go the path we are meant to be on it is so freeing. So glad you did! THanks for sharing!

  5. Your title drew me in! I am currently on my own path of self discovery and have realized I am the only one holding me back! Congratulations for finding your destination! <3

  6. Love your honesty. I struggled with sharing my blog because it is so personal. But it is true that you find out who’s really there to support you. I made a conscience decision this year (milestone birthday) to only do things that bring me joy And to stop saying yes to everyone, stop trying to please everyone, and be true to myself. It’s an eye opening journey. 💜💜

    1. I am so glad to have been able to find this community of like minded bloggers it really helps me share and open up xoxo

  7. Go on your way it’s your life and your style i had the same situation before i just tried to ignore their comments it’s really silly but after a while you i took their comments as a joke be your self and never mind

  8. What a wonderful article! I have always been labeled the hippie free spirit of my family too. They told me from the day I went vegetarian that it was a phase. 34 years later and now vegan they know it is not a phase. They still make jokes and remarks, which are annoying as hell but like you, I don’t give a fat fuck! I am who I a.
    It is awesome that you opened up to your audience and your family to be who you are. People follow people and not blogs and now because of this article I am now a true fan.

    Keep sharing your truth and know you are part of a global tribe that is growing in part because of the words and recipes you share.


    1. Oh Kim! Your comment really warms my heart. I am so honoured to have found a wonderful community of like minded people who feel the same passion and love towards other living beings and for this I was able to open up and share my experience xoxo so thank you

  9. APPLAUSE! Way to go. You do you! You have to be able to live your true life and let yourself be happy. Like you said, if someone doesn’t like it, then screw em. Much love to you!

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