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May Box

Goddess ProvisionsThe may goddess Provisions box is spectacular! I have not been able to put these products down for a minute…that I literally almost forgot to take pictures of them. Every month I get blown away by how well curated these boxes are. The may box was curated with the moon phase in mind. This box was titled Moon Goddess Lunar Love. It came with 7 products which are of course, vegan cruelty free and chosen with intention to bring light, happiness an keep you inflowing harmony with the phases of the moon! Although may is ended you might still be able to snatch this box up on the goddess Provisions website!

Chakra Love Moon Necklace

Let me start with what is my absolute favourite item from the box, the chakra love moon necklace. This beautiful piece is hand made. bronze crescent moon talisman. This beautifully crafted necklace will help you connect with and honour the moon through out its cycle. I have not stopped wearing this since I opened the box!

Goddess Provisions Charka necklace

Fat and the Moon Bod Powder

This powder can be dusted on your hair or body. It’s scented with clary sage and grapefruit essential oils. Clary sage is known to be anti bacterial, and even anti depressant so it will help ward off not only those bad vibes but also those bad bacterials as it helps boost your mood , and self esteem. All the more reason to dust fat and the moon bod Powder all over yourself!

Goddess Provisions Lunar Love

Element Botanicals New Moon Spray Lady Magic

This spray is made with a new moon blend of rejuvenating citrus, vanilla and black pepper oil. You can spray this all over your body and sacred space to help uplift. Let me tell you this scent is so invigorating the infusion of flavours dance around you as if they are summing the new moon.

Lunar Love Goddess Provisions

Kate’s Magik Moon Goddess Oil

I’ve gotten this anointing oil before in another monthly Box but I was very happy to have received it again because I very much enjoy the aromatic boost of happiness, centuring and calming it offers.The Moon Goddess oil is a blend of adaptogenic jasmine that helps balance hormones. Do not be surprised that with one centring inhale of this oil your worries will have melted away.

Goddess Provisions Lunar Love

Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo

The palo santo sacred wood has been made to be burned through out the phases of the moon to cleanse your aura and create space for manifesting. The palo santo is a mystical tree that is grown on the coast of South America. It is used as an incense for its many energetic healing and cleansing properties. The sacred wood has a light citrus and pine smell.

Goddess Provisions May Box

Golden Moon Tea Organic Rooibos Tea

I was so excited to see a bag of organic rooibos tea in the may box! Rooibos Tea is rich in antioxidants, is caffeine free and full of yummy flavour. This tea can be enjoyed all day long. Also this brand of tea, golden moon is a brand that makes sure they source there products come from the most natural of sources free of chemicals and dyes.

Goddess Provisions May Box

Moonstone with Black Tourmaline

Finally, I have always been drawn to moonstone, i have been told that moonstone help you feel confident and brings serenity within your life. This moonstone with black tourmaline harnesses the energy of the new moon and helps balance masculine and feminine energy…. hmm so this should help with keeping the peace when my husband and have a disagreement!

Goddess Provisions Box Review Lunar Love Moon Goddess

Overall the Lunar Love Moon Goddess box from goddess Provisions is a parcel filled with treats. That will help harness the power of the moon by keeping you uplifted and energized, with positive vibes. As always the goddess Provisions box did not disappoint. If your interested in subscribing or purchasing this box head over to there website to check them out! You can also check out my April Goddess Provisions box review! Also please share this post with your family and friends!!

Goddess Provisions

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  1. This box sounds awesome! I’ve never heard of it, I have to look into it – it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Such a neat box, I am glad to read more about it, I loved the picture you shared on Instagram. I think my favorite is the necklace. So pretty!

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