Manger Santé Expo Montreal’s 2017 Purchases!

Expo 2017


Expo 2017

Manger sante

Sunday was the last day for Montreal’s expo manger santé. This is where brands show off there latest health food products and we the consumers spend all our money on the latest craze! I went with my brother and mom. This year was my mom’s first time at expo  manger santé and she was on the prowl for a specific brand… this brand has been at expo manger santé for the past 5 year yet the one time we convince our mom to come is the first year they are not part of the expo.

Manger santé products
I find these things quite over whelming and normally I over buy things. Especially stuff I don’t need or even want. But manage to get swept up in it all. This year I am pretty proud of myself because I only purchased 7 things. And I am content with this. Of the stuff I decided not to purchase I am still thinking about the ovarium spa this spa had a great package deal that offered a discount when buying at the expo santé. I will speak about this spa later on in the post (its really cool!)
OK let me get down to the point of this whole post! THE PRODUCTS I PURCHASED at Montreal expo manger santé


Ok guys this brand is a local Montreal vegan meat and vegan cheese shop. And I’m sure your fed up of me talking about them but too bad! They will be opening there very own vegan butcher in April and I am so excited for this! They originally had one stand alone vegan cheese and a bunch of really great mock sausages. BUT today they showed up with two new vegan cheeses! One swiss and one American style cheese…if you’ve ever tried vegan cheeses you’ll notice if they are not melted or mixed with something else they are not at all appetizing but these cheeses from Gusta raise the bar on vegan cheese. I tried both products alone and not melted and oh boy were they good! So I obviously purchased both the swiss and American cheese!

manger santé

La Savonnerie des Diligences

The next product I got was from a brand I have never heard of but its also local and what I found out today about them was even more exciting this brand is called La Savonnerie des Diligences and they make small batch all natural face and body products. The best part of all this though is this local brand teamed up with a local blog and created vegan face and body products! The blog name is Les Trappeuses and these awesome ladies blog about ethical and vegan DIY. So I obviously needed to support these two brands. It was a no brainer!

expo manger santé

manger santé
I purchased the Exfoliant facial au Chaga . This is a lovely facial scrub made with Quebec grown mushrooms. This helps exfoliate and is filled with amazing antioxidant properties! Next I got a activated charcoal soap bar for the body and hair. Again this is all made with local Quebec cultivated resources.


I drink a lot of chlorophyll and the brand I keep going back to is land art. So when I saw there huge kiosk in the front of expo santé I was very excited so I hung around for quite a bit.
In the summer Montreal hosted its first ever vegan fair and there I was introduced to the newest flavour of chlorophyll; lime basil. So I was quick to grab that flavour again, but when my brother, matthew and my mom decided to try it they were far from thrilled… and insisted I try the green apple flavour. Although I already had tried it and have purchased it I figured why not it’s a free sample….

Manger sante

OMG how could I have forgotten! The green apple flavoured chlorophyll tastes like your taking a bite out o a yummy granny smith apple. So out came the wallet and the cash just fluttered out. I also purchased aloe Vera juice in pomegranate flavour. I purchased the juice because its another refreshing alternative to soft drinks and those powdered water enhancers.

Manger sante
Both Aloe Vera and chlorophyll are great additions to your diet because both hold wonderful benefits. Aloe Vera is very alkalizing and soothes the stomach. Chlorophyll is a wonderful detoxifier and actually helps to natural cleanse your breath!

Mikei Red Reishi Essence

The last of my purchases is something I never heard of before. This is a supplement that my brother is very passionate about. Matthew is a guy who loves to buy things that know one has ever heard of. He is one of those people who gets something way before it becomes popular. So when he dragged my mother and I to the Mikey kiosk I was not skeptic because I knew he was going to show us something that will be super beneficial.

Expo manger sante
Turns out I wasn’t wrong this really cool product is a suppliment that is made of a mushroom from japan. From what I understand this supplement helps boost the immune system, chronic fatigue, reduces stress and even help treat cancer patience’s.. and it was actually proven and real studies were conducted where this supplement can be taken while being treated for different forms of cancer, it helps sooth your ailments. It’s a pretty cool super power supplement but it has a price tag.. .for just 10 capsules its 20$ (and that was the deal price for the expo)

Manger sante
I am curious if I will notice a difference with this 10 day pack. So I am a bit of a insomniac, I do not sleep very much. This year I gave up caffeine for lent thinking this will help me but alas I find I sleep even less now. So I am wondering if this supplement will help me relax and allow me to sleep easy!

Ovarium Spa

This next place I did not purchase anything. Even though I probably should have because the packages for the spa were really well priced. This is not your everyday zen type of spa. They have massages yes but they have some really cool other features. Like the pulsar. This is basically glasses with lights and music. This forces your brain to go into a relaxed state… it forces you to go into a meditative trance (thing of Zoolander when he gets hypnotized with music) -right that sounds super odd bright lights and music pumping to your eyes and ears but its true there’s a whole section on there site that explains scientific results of using this pulsar. See this picture of my mom and then me testing out the pulsar! (I don’t think my mom knew my brother took her picture !)

Manger sante
If I had to choose only one treatment at this place it would have to be the NeuroSpa I was luckily to try it and oh man was it ever relaxing. This treatment is basically synchronised music to a vibrating chair that is zero gravity… I feel like I did not explain this right but its exactly how I’m saying it This treatment felt like I was lounging on the beaches of Bermuda while the ocean gently washes waves over me. Overall I will definitely be booking an appointment to this spa.

Manger sante

Where is my Magnesium?!

One thing that was supper disappointing for my mother and literally the only reason she wanted to come to this event was for Natural Calm this is a Ionic Magnesium Citrate powder which my brother my mom and myself all use. Just to give you an understanding of magnesium, this helps metabolize carbohydrates fats and proteins. It helps maintain proper muscle function also helps with the maintenance of strong teeth and bones. Also helps increase your energy and calms nerves and anxieties . As well as regulates levels of calcium, potassium and sodium not to mention it also helps prevent migraine headaches… see the list of benefits to magnesium supplements are amazing!

Not at manger sante

We were all super bummed not to find this brand at this years Manger santé expo. A few years back Manger santé expo was the only place you could get the cherry flavoured version of this supplement and in my opinion cherry flavour is the BEST FLAVOUR EVER! So my question to you Natural Vitality and why weren’t you at this years event?
Manger sante

Over all I had a fun day with my mom and brother walking around Manger santé expo and learning about new and awesome products. My brother bought a lot more then I did and even my mom ended up finding so much gluten free stuff for herself so it seems we all enjoyed our self’s and Montreal’s Expo santé at the Palace des congress! Have you been to a health food expo in your city? Or in any other city for that matter? Also let me know if you’ve ever used red reishi mushroom essence or magnesium supplements I am curious to know if you found any improvements with your overall health.


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  1. I am very intrigued by that Gusta vegan cheese. I’ve also never heard of drinking chlorophyll, I need to look into that.

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