All About LettuceLiv’s Unicorn Obsession!




This past week Instagram and social media was completely over turned with Starbucks new and limited time only unicorn frapp… well this had me thinking that I literally own way too much unicorn stuff… This all started way before unicorns were cool. I mean like way before the emoji everyone always new I was the girl who loved unicorns. Fast forward to this moment and I look around my home and I can literally write a blog post (which I am doing now) with all the unicorn stuff around me.

This year for my birthday my lovely friend whom is also a very talented makeup artist got me the super Instagram trendy unicorn brushes among other amazing things that will be making appearances on my blog and Instagram!

Lettuceliv'S collection of unicorns

Unicorn: Makeup

These brushes are insanely gorgeous! I don’t even no where to begin! They are of course vegan and cruelty free- super freaken soft. When I opened the box, I grabbed one of the brushes and literally painted the bristles to my face for a good half hour! The case these brushes come in is beautiful on its own… I might even wear it as a purse to go out…the zipper has Unicorns on it!!!!  Ok calm down Liv your getting to excited.

Unicorn obsessed


This friend- Lili or should I call her by her Instagram handle MissMakeupMTL also told me a while back about this great product, which I kind of half listened so I didn’t really notice that she was talking about my next obsession that literally had me lunge myself at the cash at Sephora… yes I have learnt from my mistakes always listen to Lili (aka MissMakeupMTL) when it comes to makeup especially when it’s a primer that’s all natural, vegan cruelty free and called UNICORN ESSENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its by Farsali. This brand knows exactly what’s up and I highly recommend it! The priming oil is a beautiful pink with little tiny sparkles- it is exactly what I expect unicorn essence to be… (it used to be called unicorn tears so I am glad they changed the name to Unicorn Essence)

Farsali unicorn essense

Unicorn essence

At one point the brand LimeCrime changed the design of there lipstick tubes to have unicorns on it… and you better believe it I bought a bunch! My personal favourite from my collection is the colour called chinchilla it’s beautiful matte very pale purple! Which is defiantly on trend for this season!

Unicorn lipstick chincilla


Unicorn: Trinkets

Of the multitude of trinkets that adorn the rooms in my house I simply love the ceramic unicorn ring holder another one of my closest friends got me as a gift. You can see my friends are very much aware of my little unicorn-obsession. Not to mention I dressed up as a back in 2014 for Halloween! And I even got my dog; bubbles a unicorn-princess outfit that she would wear regularly as a puppy… But now its way to small for her and only the ears and horn part fits her but its still adorably cute!!!



The unicorn

Unicorn: Apparel

Finally, I will end with the plethora of shirts, sweater and socks I own with unicorns on them. I am a 28-year-old who clearly doesn’t believe in being an adult… more specifically I act and probably dress like a 5-year-old. If it was socially acceptable I would walk around in a unicorn costume all day!



I hope you enjoyed this little post about me and my mini obsession. To conclude, thank you Starbucks for making an overly sugary drink which is not vegan by the way but I am totally loving the vegan copy cat recipes that are popping up in my feed this week! Is there anything else you love as much as I like unicorns? I love to hear it in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “All About LettuceLiv’s Unicorn Obsession!

  1. Hehey, I love the costume! And unicorns to… gotta love them, right? 😉 Great post, and no, you cannot overwhelm me with it 😉

  2. I don’t know where this craze came from but because I was obsessed with unicorns when I was little I’m pretty excited about them. Also – that unicorn outfit? OUTSTANDING!

    1. Ahaha thanks! I made the costume myself I had so much fun making the horn and flower crown! I don’t know if you can see but I even went as far as adding wings to my unicorn costume ahhaha

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