Mother Gaia Box from Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

June mother Gaia box

I am so happy to see the success of goddess Provisions boxes, I’ve been an avid supporter since the beginning of this companies creation. The June  Mother Gaia goddess Provisions box is a lovely curated medley of beautiful cruelty free conscious brands. This box is all about Mother Earth and each item represents different aspects of Mother Gaia.

The items in this box included a lovely bracelet with the intentions of clearing the ocean of waste, a vegan bar to help nourish us, a beautiful stone heart. Nourishing lip oil, Ayurvedic soap bar, golden earth chakra oil and digestive bitters.

4ocean bracelet

This bracelet is made from recycled matter that filled our oceans. This great brand cleans up the ocean with each purchase of one bracelet provided them with 1lb of trash removed from the ocean. The beads are from recycled glass and the cord is made from recycled water bottles.

Goddess Provisions June box

Golden earth chakra 3 oil

This lovely blend of neroli and citrine is a great roll on oil that helps connect your solar plexus chakra. It helps boost self trust and confidence.

June box

Auromere Ayurvedic Vanilla-Neem Soap

This lovely soap bar is scented with vanilla wild crafted neem and a lovely mix of 19 additional Ayurvedic herbal oils and extracts. This soap bar is very moisturizing it’s created with all natural ingredients and it’s packaging is made from recycled matter.

Goddess Provisions

Tuore Naturals Conditioning Lip Oil

This lovely scented lip oil is crafted with non gmo and organic ingredients. It’s made with a blend of sunflower and vitamin E oil. Also with essential oils of ylang ylang and sweet orange.

Goddess Provisions

Shanti Bar Vitality Bar

This bar is made with non gmo and organic ingredients. The ingredients are 100% raw thus offering maximum nutrients it is also jammed with 17 grams of plant-based protein. This superfood bar is great as a yummy pick me up!

Goddess Provisions

Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters

This organic herbs and roots spray helps your body’s production of digestive juices and enzymes. So spray this before eating in your mouth!

Goddess Provisions

Crystal heart in Obsidian

This lovely crystal heart is made from Black obsidian. Black obsidian is known to transmutes negative energy and helps enhance psychic protection.

Goddess provisions

Mother Gaia

To conclude the June Mother Gaia Goddess Provisions Box is so nice! I absolutely enjoyed it this month. And this time Goddess Provisions and I are teaming up to do a giveaway for one Goddess Provisions box! To enter the giveaway it’s very simple head over to Instagram and enter the giveaway by following both myself Lettuceliv and Goddess Provisions, then on the giveaway photo tag one friend and explain to us why that person is a Goddess! Easy Right? Well the winner will be announced on July 7th! Link the the giveaway is HERE

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  1. This box is amazing! I’m especially intruiged by the need soap and chakra tincture. Amazing bundle of goddess love.

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