A while ago I posted a recipe to make a creamy vegan cheese this new recipe is a baked cheese recipe that will be the center of your dinner party. With […]

Baked Cashew Cheese

easy vegan sheppard's pie 2
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone! So if you follow me on snapchat you’ll notice I have a surplus of swisschards and all I’ve been doing is finding new […]

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

essentials-samana vacation 1
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m back!!! I left for a week to enjoy the beautiful Dominican Republic. My husband and I stayed at the beautiful Samana resort […]

My Vegan Vacation Essentials-2016

easy vegan sheppard's Pie
This entire month you’ve followed me on Instagram posting different ways to detox your life, and now with the new year quickly approaching you have some great new facts and […]

The Ultimate Abs Smoothie

chia pudding bowl
hello friends, This recipe is my chia pudding breakfast bowl but before I start it seems like its been months since my last post… well its true actually last time I […]

Overnight Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowl

natural and tasty fruit roll up
When I was a child I would go crazy for fruit roll ups the overly sugar food coloring filled process food- was delicious. to this day if I walk into […]

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