The Ultimate Abs Smoothie

2015-12-23 17.22.46This entire month you’ve followed me on Instagram posting different ways to detox your life, and now with the new year quickly approaching you have some great new facts and tools to help shape your resolution for a healthier and fit way. this smoothie recipe is the great kick start for your new healthy habit! The abs smoothie is going to give you all your protein, vitamins and minerals and energy to kick ass in your work out routine and shape those killer abs!

for this smoothie you’ll need to make my green protein milk: 2 cups of water, 2 oz of shredded coconut, 3 tbsp of hemp hearts, and 2 tsp’s of chlorella or spirulina. blend
in a high speed blender (this milk is 15 grams of plant based protein!)

once the green milk is made add in 1 bunch of kale (I used Lancilato Kale)m one cucumber, 3 dates (please remember to remove the pites) and the juice of one lime. – blend and enjoy before going to workout!

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