for the inner child in all of us.

Photo 2015-02-18, 12 12 27 AMWhen I was a child I would go crazy for fruit roll ups the overly sugar food coloring filled process food- was delicious. to this day if I walk into a grocery store and see them lining a shelf I stand there hesitating… should iIget one… hmm.. WELL No need for that anymore, this CRAZY EASY recipe barely needs directions. For today I used apples cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract. (next time I’m going to used vanilla bean)


I used 6 apples

a table spoon of cinnamon

dash of nutmeg

and a teaspoon of vanilla extract


I peeled the apples to make the fruit roll up more ‘pretty’ with out any little specks of skin. diced them and placed it into my blentec, mix in all other ingredients on high speed until creamy and smooth. The next step is the ‘tricky’ part line a pan with parchment paper and spread an even thin  layer on the parchment.fruit roll up Then place in your oven or dehydrator…I don’t  own a dehydrator (i want this one), so I used my oven, I set it to 200 degrees and left the apple leather in the oven for approximately 2 hours – however seeing as my oven is shiny and new it seemed to have gone alot hotter faster then I had expected soooo it did not need to be in the oven Photo 2015-02-17, 10 09 43 PMfor 2 hours. for your own reference the fruit spread will be ready when it is not sticky to touch. worse case you over Dehydrate the concoction- don’t worry instead of fruit roll ups you have fruit chips. its a win win no matter what.

If they turn out flexible then there not over cooked ! YAY GOOD JOB. NOW cut them into strips and start to roll then into individual roll ups. Photo 2015-02-18, 12 10 26 AM


I told you this is a super easy recipe WAY better then what you will find in any store. Also you can USE ANY fruit and veggy you want! from parsnip to bananas the combinations are endless! let your creativity soar.

Photo 2015-02-18, 12 11 37 AM



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